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Main news today  
President Shavkat Mirziyoev received Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin February 23, who arrived in our country to participate in the regular meeting of the Joint intergovernmental commission on bilateral cooperation.

Google launches Assistant for Android   27.02.2017 11:09:44 • "UzReport"
Google on Sunday announced that it is launching its voice Assistant for mobile devices running on the Android operating system. Prior to that, the app was only available for those users who use Google's own products.
Warren Buffett makes some $1.6bn on Apple shares   27.02.2017 11:06:07 • "UzReport"
Nokia announces new 3310   27.02.2017 11:03:07 • "UzReport"
Brazilian economy falls into recession   25.02.2017 16:24:51 • "UzReport"
MPs review number of bills   27.02.2017 11:41:03 • "UzReport"
The Legislative chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan held its regular session.
Uzbekistan and ILO to extend Decent Work Country Programme   24.02.2017 16:41:49 • "UzReport"
Emergency Ministry rebuts foot-and-mouth disease rumours   27.02.2017 11:25:45 • "UzReport"
Foreign media reported an alleged foot-and-mouth outbreak in Yangi Hayot in the Ahangaran district, Tashkent Region.
President visits projects houses   25.02.2017 15:47:25 • "UzReport"
Explosion at Ferganaazot's ammonia workshop   24.02.2017 16:21:17 • "UzReport"
Tourism Committee and TİKA discuss cooperation   25.02.2017 15:51:59 • "UzReport"
Anvar Sharapov, head of Uzbekistan's State Tourism Committee, received Süleyman Kızıltoprak, head of Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency's (TIKA) office in Uzbekistan.
Labor migration issues discussed with Russia   24.02.2017 17:02:56 • "UzReport"
Uzbekistan's CB to issue 10-thousand banknotes   21.02.2017 19:37:30 • "UzReport"
The Central Bank of Uzbekistan will put into circulation new banknotes with a nominal value at 10 thousand soums, as several sources at the Central Bank and the government have already confirmed this information.
Microcredit project introduced in Tashkent   14.02.2017 18:23:00 • "UzReport"
Uzbekistan announces best banks in terms of deposits   07.02.2017 12:05:04 • "UzReport"
Uzbekinvest collects 104b soums in premiums   24.02.2017 15:48:20 • "UzReport"
Uzbekinvest, the national export-import insurer and one of the leading insurance companies, held a press conference summing up 2016 and setting course for 2017.
O'zbekinvest Hayot's investments grow 142.5% in 2016   17.02.2017 19:04:54 • "UzReport"
Uzbekistan's regional insurance markets in 2016   14.02.2017 16:56:47 • "UzReport"
Insurers pay out 130.5b soums in 2016   13.02.2017 17:42:54 • "UzReport"
UZEX sells 10.5 thousand tons of coal since year begun   23.02.2017 17:50:25 • "UzReport"
In 2016, the sales volume of coal at exchange trades of UZEX reached 91 thousand tonnes, 22% up year-on-year. The average monthly sales of all brands amounted to 7.6 thousand tons, the press service of the exchange said.
On February 23, the Ministry for development of information technologies and communications held a meeting with senior adviser of the company Telia K. Lindstrom, who arrived in Uzbekistan as a member of business circles of Sweden to participate in the Uzbek-Swedish business forum.
Uzbekistan and Latvia discuss cooperation in ICT   22.02.2017 15:59:12 • "UzReport"
Uzbektelecom reduces internet provider tariffs to $80.94   20.02.2017 16:07:02 • "UzReport"
The decree of the President of Uzbekistan "On measures on further improvement of the management system in the field of culture and sports" provides for the establishment of off-budget fund for development of culture and art.
International Culture Centre celebrates 25 years   25.01.2017 17:33:13 • "UzReport"
UZREPORT TV to host football marathon today   22.02.2017 15:57:19 • "UzReport"
Today is rich for matches of the Europa League, the UEFA Champions League and the Spanish League.
Uzbek judokas win medals at tournament "Grand Slam"   13.02.2017 18:19:06 • "UzReport"
FC Nasaf qualifies for ACL playoffs   01.02.2017 12:26:23 • "UzReport"
Denis Istomin defeats Novak Djokovic at Australian Open   19.01.2017 15:14:01 • "UzReport"

Warren Buffett makes some $1.6bn on Apple shares

Nokia announces new 3310

Google launches Assistant for Android

MPs review number of bills

Emergency Ministry rebuts foot-and-mouth disease rumours

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