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Archeologists restore remains of huge mammoth   15.03.2017 14:50:39 • "UzReport"
Archaeologists from Mexico have completed the restoration of the remains of a huge mammoth, which last year was discovered in the Mexican city of Tultepec. The result of this hard work in our next story.
American electronic payments company Euronet Worldwide intends to acquire its rival MoneyGram International for more than $1bn. An offer for acquisition of MoneyGram is also available from the Chinese Ant Financial.
Demand for Swiss watches recovering   15.03.2017 14:37:57 • "UzReport"
The President of the watchmaking unit of LVMH reported that the demand for the world-famous Swiss watches is gradually recovering, mainly due to demand in China, which is growing rapidly. This statement was made during the presentation of a new product.
Snapchat's ad revenue reduced by $30mn   15.03.2017 14:35:26 • "UzReport"
Forecast for Snapchat's ad revenue for the current year has been reduced by a record $30mn due to higher amounts that the company should share with its partners. Despite this, a growth in comparison with the previous year will amount to more than 157%, estimated at over $800mn.
Volkswagen Group CEO receives reaward worth 7.78mn euros   15.03.2017 14:33:00 • "UzReport"
Volkswagen Group's CEO Matthias Mueller received an award worth 7.78 million euros. This is 3.6 million more than the year before. Muller took this post in September 2015, ousting the former President of the company who left the company following a diesel scandal.


Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan meets Director General of MEDEF International

Plenary session reviews 21 issues

Uzbekistan to simplify and intensify sale of state property

Representatives of SJSC "Uzkimyosanoat" and "Maxamcorp Holding SL" held talks

Trading volume at UZEX increased by 31%

The government of Uzbekistan will provide active young families with preferential mortgage

Uzbek Foreign Minister meets with SCO Secretary-General

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