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El Niño kills 72 in Peru   20.03.2017 10:44:51 • "UzReport"
Unexpected and abnormal warming of the Pacific waters, or speaking from a scientific point of view, the phenomenon of El Niño has become the cause of the most deadly in the last decade floods in Peru.
Tim Cook supports China's globalization efforts   20.03.2017 10:41:42 • "UzReport"
Apple CEO Tim Cook, in his speech at Chinese development forum expressed his support to the government of China for the development of globalization and openness of economy for foreign companies.
Tiffany closes fourth quarter with decline   18.03.2017 14:44:35 • "UzReport"
American Tiffany, a leading manufacturer of jewelry and luxury accessories, has published its quarterly reports. It said it ended the fourth quarter with decline.
Porsche is planning to invest hundreds of millions of euros in the development of its digital services. Thus, the company wants to offset the losses from declining sales.
Eurozone registers trade deficit   18.03.2017 14:34:21 • "UzReport"
In January, for the first time in three years the Eurozone registered a trade deficit. 19 members of the block recorded a deficit of 0.6 billion euros.


Islam Karimov has congratulated the people of Uzbekistan with the New year

OPEC and non-OPEC recommend to extend oil-output cut

Citygroup plans to increase assets in South Korea by twice

Uber suspends self-driving car pilot program

UZEX creates bidder accreditation facility through Single Window

"O'zbekinvest Hayot" IC makes over 12.5 billion soums of payments in 11 months of 2015

Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia signed an agreement for the Hajj 2015 season

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