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Saudi Arabia names Abha its tourism capital   21.04.2017 12:40:09 • "UzReport"
Saudi Arabia has named Abha its tourism capital. Abha is very popular among tourists with its mountainous views and the mild climate.
Soyuz MS-04 docks with ISS   21.04.2017 12:35:46 • "UzReport"
Another space news. Russian "Soyuz MS-04" spacecraft with two crew members on board successfully docked with the International Space Station. The whole process took six hours.
ISIS claims reponsibility for shooting in Paris   21.04.2017 12:33:16 • "UzReport"
Two policemen were killed in the night of Friday at the Champs Elysees area of Paris, due to a terrorist attack. Another officer was wounded. The terrorist was later eliminated.
China successfully launched its first unmanned cargo spacecraft Tianzhou-1 into space. The spacecraft can carry 6 tonnes of goods and 2 tons of fuel into orbit. Tomorrow it will dock with "Tiangong-2" laboratory, where in October last year, two astronauts spent a month.
Bus incident in India kills 44   20.04.2017 12:45:31 • "UzReport"
An ordinary bus run in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh ended with a tragedy. The vehicle fell into the abyss off the cliff at a height of 70 meters.


Uzbekistan's delegation to participate in International forum in Bishkek

Medium-sized enterprises set to appear in Uzbekistan

Programme "Startup-initiative" to help 40 teams to go from idea to business

Delegation of Prosecutor General of Uzbekistan visits Kazakhstan

Garbage disposal tariffs set to rise from 1 September

Uzbek-Korean forum on free and open source underway

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