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Egypt uncovers chamber of mummies   15.05.2017 18:56:20 • "UzReport"
Egypt has unearthed an ancient burial site replete with at least 17 mummies, most fully intact.
Chile declares red alert   15.05.2017 18:54:59 • "UzReport"
Unusually heavy rains in the northern desert region of Chile caused heavy flooding affecting hundreds of residents in recent days. The National Office of Emergencies has put several areas on red alert.
Congo declares new Ebola outbreak   13.05.2017 15:45:32 • "UzReport"
A person in the Democratic Republic of Congo who died of a hemorrhagic fever has tested positive for the Ebola virus, signaling the start of a new outbreak, the Health Ministry and the World Health Organization said on Friday.
Cyber attack hits London hospitals   13.05.2017 15:44:39 • "UzReport"
A number of hospitals across England suffered a large-scale cyber attack. As a result, hospitals were forced to redirect urgent patients, and doctors began to receive a message demanding money in exchange for information about patients. Thus, for each patient, the hackers demanded $300.
Imrpobable raises $502mln from Softbank   13.05.2017 15:43:37 • "UzReport"
British tech company Improbable has raised $502 million of investments from the Japanese SoftBank. At the same time, Japanese telecommunications giant valued the company at $1 billion.


US Ambassador congratulates the people of Uzbekistan on Navruz

Double-decker sightseeing buses started to run in Tashkent

ODIHR OSCE Needs Assessment Mission completes its work

Dori-Darmon names the best pharmacy

Ergodan secures 51.37% of votes for substantial expansion of his powers

Abdulaziz Kamilov meets India's External Affairs Minister

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