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Cannes festival opens in France   18.05.2017 16:37:40 • "UzReport"
The red carpet was rolled out in Cannes on Wednesday as moviegoers and celebrities readied themselves for the opening of the world-famous film festival.
UK wage growth slows   18.05.2017 16:36:34 • "UzReport"
British pay growth is showing a decline for the first time since 2014, despite the fact that unemployment fell to its lowest level in the last 42 years.
Lloyds Banking Group becomes private   18.05.2017 16:32:13 • "UzReport"
The UK government has sold its remaining stake in the country's largest financial conglomerate Lloyds Banking Group. Thus, it once again became totally private. In particular, the government sold 638,4 million shares, or 0.89% of its share in the capital.
Parking in Hong Kong sells for record $3bn   18.05.2017 16:31:14 • "UzReport"
The world's most expensive land plot was sold at a government auction of Hong Kong for a record $3 billion.
Insiders: mobile network will be the next target   17.05.2017 19:29:55 • "UzReport"
The cyber attack seems to be no longer far from ordinary people's lives, as global authorities are busy with handling the latest wave of ransomware attack. Insiders warned that the mobile network will be the next target of hackers.


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