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Academician Abatbay Dauletov passed away   09.04.2015 15:17:30 • "UzReport"
Science of Uzbekistan suffered a heavy loss. The Karakalpak linguistics scholar, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan Abatbay Dauletov died on April 7 at the age of 73.
A solemn ceremony of presentation of conformity certificate of quality management system with requirements of ISO 9001:2008 to the Management Development Institute of Singapore in Tashkent took place in the capital. The scope of certification includes the provision of educational services in the field of higher education. It should be noted that the certification audit was conducted in January 2015 by the international company "SGS Tashkent Ltd". The auditors of the company emphasized the quality of management system of the institute, namely a high degree of implementation of the principle of "management leadership" at all levels of administration, as well as a high level of staff qualification.
This year, the national holiday Day of memory and honour will be celebrated in Uzbekistan under the motto "Jasorat, burch, matonat" (feat, duty, fortitude), UzA reported.
On April 5 the plane with 171 pilgrims on board returned to Tashkent. This was the final flight of the spring season 'Umrah 2015".
A single portal of state interactive services realized a service, which provides submission of an application for receiving special referrals (orders) to the territorial health departments for free medical care of privileged citizens.


President of Uzbekistan congratulated the President of Romania

The Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan held a meeting with the Ambassador of Turkey

NBU works on the implementation of cloud and contactless technologies

November 18 - Day of the National Flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan

National Airlines conduct activities in the framework of the "Month of fire safety"

Samarkand set to discuss Central Asian Renaissance

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