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Tashkent to host exhibition World of leisure 2017   19.03.2017 12:20:40 • "UzReport"
On 13 and 14 April, the exhibition complex Uzexpocenter will see the V anniversary of International Uzbek Tourist Fair (IUTF) 2017. This event in the tourism industry of Uzbekistan allows to identify new trends, modern technologies and methods of work in the tourism industry in our country.
Universities of Uzbekistan and China sign MOU   19.03.2017 10:47:35 • "UzReport"
On March 16, Shanghai saw a signing ceremony of Memorandum of understanding between the East China Normal University and Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami.
More than 90 kilograms of fish confiscated from poachers   19.03.2017 10:45:10 • "UzReport"
As we reported earlier, a temporary ban has been put on commercial fishing in the rivers Amudarya and Syrdarya, in accordance with the Rules of fisheries in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the basis of the Order of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for nature protection, which runs from 1 March to 1 June.
German Embassy holds oratory contest   17.03.2017 17:48:51 • "UzReport"
The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Tashkent held an oratory contest among students studying German language from all over Uzbekistan.
Uzbekistan announces March 20 day off   16.03.2017 17:35:14 • "UzReport"
On 16 March, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted a resolution on shifting of the days in connection with the celebration of the national holiday Navruz (21 March).


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