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Participants also were introduced to the evaluation methodology VEP project, the current status of the development of wind energy technology in the world and experience the development of wind energy in Germany.
Uzbekistan Railways renewing its locomotive fleet   30.05.2014 15:10:54 • "UzReport"
Yesterday Tashkent hosted a prees-conference entitled "Uzbekistan Railways' locomotive fleet renewal". At the press conference it was mentioned that, the number of electric locomotives in the park reached 100, linehaul locomotives - 242, and shunting locomotives - 258.
The event was attended by representatives of 46 large companies in Latvia specializing in logistics, transport, textile and food industries. From the Uzbek side participated over 70 enterprises, organizations and industrial companies as well as small businesses and entrepreneurs.
Urgench International Airport opens new passenger terminal   26.05.2014 15:10:31 • "UzReport"
The international airport "Urgench" to the tourism potential of the region , provide a better service to passengers and improving ground infrastructure commissioned a new terminal for arriving passengers with a capacity of 300 people per hour.
May 23, 2014 the Uzbek State Committee on privatization, de-monopolization and competition hosted a seminar entitled: "Advertising law application practice: Problems and suggestions. Improving legal framework on advertising".


The delegation of Uzbekistan will take part in the preparatory meeting of the OSCE

Administrative courts established in Uzbekistan

"Uzbekistan Railways" cancels the running of the train "Afrosiyob" number 764/763

Delegation of International Trade Union Confederation visits Uzbekistan

SCO observer mission to start its activity on presidential elections

Projects under virtual reality developed in Fergana

Arctic ocean ice shrunks to record low

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