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Project research firms overhauled   04.05.2017 15:39:44 • "UzReport"
President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed the Decree 'On measures for Further Project Research Firms Development', following the 1 May Presidential Decree 'On Measures for Fundamental Uzbekistan's State Architecture and Construction Committee Overhaul', to revamp research firms working on investment and architectural projects.
Uzbekistan to have 42 more water power plants   04.05.2017 15:36:33 • "UzReport"
President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed the Decree 'On Action Plan for Further Hydroelectricity Development for 2017-2021', which aims to promote renewables, reequip existing water power plants, optimise the use of water resources, and ensure the fullest energy supply.
Best entrepreneurs and artisans selected   02.05.2017 18:32:55 • "UzReport"
The best entrepreneurs and artisans of Tashkent were chosen during the city stage of the annual Republican contest "Tashabbus". It takes place in our country for over 20 years.
Uzbekbaliqsanoat established in Uzbekistan   02.05.2017 18:25:56 • "UzReport"
Following several steps to support the fishing industry, over 3,000 hectares of artificial lakes were created in 2016 for around 900 new businesses to set up their fishing operations.
Uzstandard improvement measures approved   02.05.2017 17:25:30 • "UzReport"
With an eye for a better standardisation, metrology, and certification system, Uzbekistan adopted the Laws 'On Technical Regulation' and 'On Compliance Assessment', while amending the Laws 'On Standardisation', 'On Product and Services Certification' and 'On Metrology' to help small businesses and streamline certification.


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Institute of arts and culture to open branch in Ferghana region

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