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Officials of the Department for Combating Tax, Currency Crimes and Money Laundering under the Prosecutor General, the Central Bank of Uzbekistan took part in the plenary session of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) held in Paris.
In 2013, Tashkent region banks lent 500.7 billion soums   18.02.2014 18:02:56 • "UzReport"
In Tashkent region administration was held economic and legal seminar on the nature and significance of the adopted laws, Presidential decrees and resolutions aimed to further reform the banking system.
Today in Tashkent was held a seminar, which discussed current problems of the banking system on formation of business environment and comprehensive support of small business and entrepreneurship in 2014.
In 2013 Tashkent city Mirabad district branch of AloqaBank lent 29,159.6 million soums to private enterprises, thanks to which 280 jobs were created.
The Uzbek Assay Office launches the "hotline"   14.02.2014 16:10:22 • "UzReport"
The State Assay Office of the Agency in precious metals under the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan has launched a "hotline" for businesses.


Tashkent city management of SJSIC "Uzagrosugurta" for the first 9 months of the year signed 46178 insurance contracts

28.8 thousand enterprises registered in Uzbekistan since the beginning of the year

Athletes of Uzbekistan won 5 more medals in Incheon

Uzbek film won a prize of the international children's film festival "Slinger -2014"

According to the results of 9 months, enterprises of chemical industry of Uzbekistan produced goods worth 1.4 trillion soums

President of Uzbekistan arrived in Turkmenistan

The number of enterprises with participation of foreign capital in Uzbekistan reached 4.9 thousand

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