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Uzbekistan to establish Poytaht Bank   15.03.2017 16:10:59 • "UzReport"
Uzbekistan is establishing a joint-stock commercial housing and construction savings bank Poytaht Bank. According to the press service of the Central Bank, the corresponding decision was adopted by Presidential Decree dated March 13, 2017 "On additional measures to expand the scale of the construction of affordable apartment buildings in the city of Tashkent for 2017-2021".
Joint-stock Commercial People's Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan has given loans for 134.2 billion soums to 20 thousand citizens. They were aimed at the development of livestock, poultry, organization of a greenhouse, cultivation of fruit trees and vineyards, as well as other areas. These and other data were announced by the representatives of the bank during a press conference in the capital on the priority tasks of financial support for business entities.
Ipak Yuli: Open Visa Classic, get UnionPay card for free   14.03.2017 09:12:45 • "UzReport"
Visa cards are one of the most widely used payment instruments in the world. They are accepted almost in any country of the world, using them it is possible to pay for purchases in trade outlets, to receive cash, and also to make payments through the Internet. The number of Visa cardholders increases every year in Uzbekistan. "Ipak Yuli" Joint-Stock Innovative Commercial Bank is one of the leaders in issuing and servicing international VISA cards in our country.
Sukhrob Kholmuradov appointed Chair of NBU   06.03.2017 17:41:31 • "UzReport"
Sukhrob Kholmuradov has been appointed Chairman of the Board at the National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of Uzbekistan (NBU).
10,000 banknotes to be issued on 10 March   04.03.2017 15:42:16 • "UzReport"
The Central Bank will issue a new 10,000-soum banknote printed on protected 144x78mm paper on March 2017.


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