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Insurance company Kafolat develops new insurance services   08.03.2017 20:03:58 • "UzReport"
Today, managers at all levels are tasked to pay interest in the life and needs of the people, the practical situation on places, as well as to solve them.
National Export-Import Insurance Company Uzbekinvest held a meeting with representatives of branches located in the city of Tashkent and Tashkent region. They discussed the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On appeals of individuals and legal entities", the order of submitting appeals to state bodies and the company "Uzbekinvest".
Uzagrosugurta sums up results of its work for 20 years   02.03.2017 14:46:55 • "UzReport"
"Uzagrosugurta" is one of the leading insurance companies in our country, which provides a full range of insurance services to businesses and individuals. The company has many years of successful experience in the insurance market, and this year it celebrates its 20th anniversary. Representatives of the company told about the results of its operations for the period at a press-conference held in the capital.
Uzbekinvest explains carriers' insurance   28.02.2017 17:07:55 • "UzReport"
Jizzak's office of Uzbekinvest, an export-import insurance company, organised a seminar to explain the Law 'On Compulsory Insurance of Carriers' Civil Liability' and the Cabinet Resolution 'On Measures for Implementation of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan 'On Compulsory Insurance of Carriers' Civil Liability'. '
"KAPITAL SUG'URTA" holds seminar in Syrdarya region   27.02.2017 18:12:50 • "UzReport"
KAPITAL SUG'URTA held a seminar for representatives of carrier companies in Syrdarya region.


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