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One of the important activities of Uzagrosugurta is involving youth in entrepreneurship. In order to support young businessmen and provide insurance protection for their promising projects, the company introduced a new type of insurance "Young Entrepreneur" in 2016.
During the years of independence, the country has achieved impressive successes in all spheres of life. Achievements in the development of insurance services are no exception.
Uzagrosugurta organizes competition "Experts in Insurance"   09.06.2017 17:04:43 • "UzReport"
Insurance is one of the most effective instruments for comprehensive protection of the population. "Uzagrosugurta" JSC conducts a number of events and competitions to explain to the general public the benefits of insurance as well as inform citizens about the measures taken to develop the national insurance market.
Supervisory Board of "ALSKOM" IC sums up 2016   08.06.2017 19:11:07 • "UzReport"
The meeting of the Supervisory Board of ALSKOM Insurance Company took place On June 6, which included the report of the General Director Tohirjon Iminov based on the results of the company's financial and economic activities and performance of the business plan indicators for 2016.
ALSKOM holds outreach seminars for insurance agents   31.05.2017 18:43:27 • "UzReport"
ALSKOM insurance company conducted outreach seminars for insurance agents in all regional divisions of the company in accordance with the schedule for holding such seminars in April-May 2017.


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