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Mastery of Uzbek Painter Exhibited in Greece   15.02.2013 16:56:49 • "UzReport"
The city of Thessaloniki of Greece hosted exhibition of paintings of Uzbekistan famous artist Ortikali Kozokov. The paintings mirrored full range of creative world, space of experience and professional achievements of the Uzbek master of paintings. Visitors of the exhibition were charmed by the originality of works and delicate taste of painter based on rich cultural heritage, national traditions, unforgettable beauty of nature of Uzbekistan, Information Agency "Jahon" reported.
Tashkent Hosts Traditional Bazar-Art Exhibition - Fair   12.02.2013 10:54:40 • "UzReport"
As a tradition Fund Forum and Association of Painters, art scholars and public masters "Ijod" organized exhibition-fair of applied art "Bazar-Art" in Tashkent. Masters practically from all regions of Uzbekistan took part at the event. Thousands of works such as suzanne, souvenir and household ceramics, chinaware, hand-made jewelry adornments of modern and traditional design, silk scarfs, clutches, jackets, handbag from national tissue and wood engraving were presented at the fair.
In accordance with the Decree of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Atabek Musaev is assigned as Deputy Minister of Culture and Sport affairs of Uzbekistan, press-service of Ministry of Culture and Sport affairs reported. Atabek Musaev is the professional TV journalist, author of a number of movies, famous actor and head of Sport Cinema and TV Federation.
Creativity of famous artists of Uzbekistan continues to gladden people of the Celestial Empire and introduce with rich culture of Uzbekistan. From February 6 until February 18, 2013, Shanghai library opens "Exhibition of oil-color paintings of Uzbekistan" dedicated to the 19th anniversary of Tashkent and Shanghai twinning. General Consulate of Uzbekistan in Shanghai, Shanghai People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (SPAFFC), Shanghai library, Fund Forum and Academy of Art of Uzbekistan organized this event.
On February 7, 2013, Fund Forum, Uzbekistan Antiquary Association Meros, Academy of Art of Uzbekistan and Youth Creativity Palace opened international youth photo exhibition "Heritage and modernity". At contemporary stage historical-cultural heritage is the base understanding that determine national identity and cultural gene pool of every nation. Broad understanding that absorb architectural monuments, manuscripts, masterpieces of fine and decorative-applied art, compositions of intangible culture, historical-cultural heritage is not only proof of historical past, but also platform of culture, traditions, spirituality which goes on living in modern world.


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