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The opening ceremony of the exhibition of Japanese dolls and prints, organized by the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Japan Foundation and the International Caravanserai of Culture of Ikuo Hirayama took place In Tashkent. The exhibition, which is held in the Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan, presented about 70 exhibits reflecting the customs and traditions of the Japanese nation.
A traditional German-speaking theatre festival of amateur theatre groups is planned to be held on September 12 and 13 in Tashkent Youth theatre of Uzbekistan. The participants of the four amateur theatre groups, cultural centers of Germans of Uzbekistan "Wiedergeburt" in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Ferghana will stage performances in German language. In anticipation of the theatre festival, the theatre groups had the opportunity to hone their skills during the theatre workshops under the direction of theater teacher from Germany Joachim of Burkert.
Tashkent to host exhibition of Japanese dolls and prints   04.09.2015 16:00:25 • "UzReport"
From September 10 to October 3, an exhibition of Japanese dolls and prints will be held at the Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan. It is organized by the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Japan Foundation and the International Caravanserai of Culture of Ikuo Hirayama of Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan with the assistance of the Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan.
Tashkent hosts Days of Chinese cinema   03.09.2015 19:07:03 • "UzReport"
At the initiative of the National Agency "Uzbekkino" Days of Chinese cinema will take place in Tashkent on 7-10 September. The program includes six films of various genres that viewers can see at the Palace of Cinema named after Alisher Navoi. Days of Chinese Cinema will be opened by the film "True Love", which will come with subtitles in the Uzbek language, while the rest of the films - with subtitles in Russian. This and much more was announced during a press conference held in the capital.
Exhibition of paintings opens its doors in Tashkent   03.09.2015 19:00:57 • "UzReport"
An exhibition called "honor and respect to teachers-creators" kicked off at the State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan within the annual "Week of Museums". The exhibition features more than 30 works of recognized classic artists of Uzbek painting - Pavel Benkov, Oganes Tatevosyan, Nicholay Karahan. These artists have played an important role in the development of the fine arts of Uzbekistan of the beginning of XX century. All of them had a strong personality, and their works have become an integral part of the emerging new artistic culture of our country.


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