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UN convenes first-ever World Humanitarian Summit

24.03.2016 10:31:57 • "UzReport"
Today, the need for humanitarian aid is the largest since the Second world war. Worldwide more than 125 million people whose lives have been destroyed by conflict and natural disasters, are in need of urgent assistance and protection.

Facebook signs deals with Vox media and BuzzFeed   25.05.2017 18:08:32 • "UzReport"
Facebook Inc. has signed deals with millennial-focused news and entertainment creators Vox Media and BuzzFeed among others to make shows for its upcoming video service, which will feature long and short-form content with ad breaks, according to several sources familiar with the situation.
Subaru presents exterior airbags   25.05.2017 18:07:20 • "UzReport"
Japanese automaker Subaru held a series of crash tests to demonstrate its new airbags, which will be equipped with new cars. According to Subaru extra pillows will help to ensure the safety of not only those who are inside the cars, but also pedestrians involved in accident, as new airbags will be set up on the outer body of vehicles.
Scientists cultivate luminous plants   25.05.2017 18:05:08 • "UzReport"
Chinese scientists recently cultivated the country's first luminous plants which glows faintly in a darkroom at a high-tech corporation in southwest China's Yunnan Province.
Suicide bombing kills 5 in Jakarta   25.05.2017 18:03:51 • "UzReport"
At least five people were killed and ten were injured in two deadly suicide bombing attacks in Indonesia's capital, Jakarta on Wednesday evening.
American corporation General Electric, a manufacturer of a number of types of equipment, including locomotives, power plants and gas turbines signed a $267 million joint venture agreement with Saudi Arabia's state-backed Dussur industrial development company to manufacture gas turbines in the eastern city of Dammam.
Huge emerald sold in Brazil   24.05.2017 16:30:05 • "UzReport"
One of the largest emeralds ever found was sold in Brazil. The gem was discovered in April in the mining region of Carnaiba in the north of the country. Its height is 1.3 meters. Weight is also not small Ц 360 kg. The precious stone was found 200 metres below the surface of the Carnaiba mine.
Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway to complete in summer   24.05.2017 16:28:29 • "UzReport"
Prime ministers of Georgia and Turkey met in the Georgian capital Tbilisi on Tuesday and discussed the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway project.
Manchester mourns victims of attack   24.05.2017 16:26:11 • "UzReport"
Thousands of Manchester residents on Tuesday gathered at the Albert Square to mourn victims who were killed in a bloody terrorist attack in the city.
Tedros Adhanom appointed new WHO Director-General   24.05.2017 16:25:11 • "UzReport"
The 70th session of the World Health Assembly is underway these days in Geneva. This 10-day event is attended by 3500 representatives of 194 member countries of the organization.
Eyewitnesses shot Kilauea volcano eruption   23.05.2017 18:06:43 • "UzReport"
A video of the eruption of Kilauea volcano is gaining popularity on the internet. Such a beautiful, at the same time deadly phenomenon was shot for Internet portal eppixadventures.

Poems by Zakhiriddin Muhammad Bobur translated into Polish

Investment of Beeline Uzbekistan into the network expansion in the I quarter reached $21 mln.

"Uzbekistan Railways" JSC transported over 50 million tons of freight in 9 months

At MFA of Uzbekistan was held a meeting with the Head of the EU Delegation

Head of MFA of Uzbekistan held number of meetings in Bishkek

Uzbekistan utilizes 28.5 trillion soums of investments in 9 months

Deputies approve amendments and addenda to Law "On accounting"

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