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UN convenes first-ever World Humanitarian Summit

24.03.2016 10:31:57 • "UzReport"
Today, the need for humanitarian aid is the largest since the Second world war. Worldwide more than 125 million people whose lives have been destroyed by conflict and natural disasters, are in need of urgent assistance and protection.

Google launches Assistant for Android   27.02.2017 11:09:44 • "UzReport"
Google on Sunday announced that it is launching its voice Assistant for mobile devices running on the Android operating system. Prior to that, the app was only available for those users who use Google's own products.
Warren Buffett makes some $1.6bn on Apple shares   27.02.2017 11:06:07 • "UzReport"
A Berkshire Hathaway of the world famous Warren Buffett has made some $1.6 billion on shares of Apple since the beginning of the current year. As reported by Berkshire, as at 31 December last year, Buffet owned 61.2 million shares of Apple worth $6.75 billion, the average cost of the shares totaled approximately $110.17 per share.
Nokia announces new 3310   27.02.2017 11:03:07 • "UzReport"
The most sensational manufacturer of mobile devices of the last century and the beginning of 2000s Nokia has presented the world a new version of its legendary Nokia 3310. The new model has a wider screen, and its price will be just $52.
Brazilian economy falls into recession   25.02.2017 16:24:51 • "UzReport"
The Brazilian economy continues its decline for the eighth consecutive month, thereby falling into the most severe recession in its history. The country's GDP, according to analysts, in the last quarter of last year will fall by 0.4%.
RBS says it is on the brink of abyss   25.02.2017 16:24:09 • "UzReport"
The Royal Bank of Scotland published a report indicating a strong recession. The huge costs, mainly associated with restructuring plans, along with other costs have brought the bank to the brink of abyss, while some nine years ago it was the largest lender in the world.
WB to give Egypt another $1bn. tranche   25.02.2017 16:23:28 • "UzReport"
The head of the Central Bank of Egypt Tarek Amir announced that the country will receive the second tranche from the World Bank in March. $1bn will be a part of $3bn. tranche provided for the country to boost economic growth.
Boeing to open its first plant in Europe   25.02.2017 16:22:37 • "UzReport"
Boeing announced plans to open its first plant in Europe. To this end, the company plans to attract investments in the amount of $24.98 million.
Alphabet sues Uber over stealing LIDAR technology   24.02.2017 14:53:01 • "UzReport"
Alphabet, the manufacturer of electric cars Waymo has filed a lawsuit against Uber Technologies and its subsidiary Otto, specialized in the production of autonomous vehicles. In particular, Uber is accused of stealing private technology.
Time Warner plans to sell its station in Atlanta   24.02.2017 14:52:16 • "UzReport"
Time Warner announced yesterday about plans to sell its broadcast station in Atlanta to Meredith Corporation. The $70 million offer will help to accelerate the planned merger with AT&T, the deal which has been criticized by US senators and regulators.
PSA Group raises net profit to 92%   24.02.2017 14:51:23 • "UzReport"
The profit of the French PSA group, the second largest car manufacturer in Europe has doubled last year. The net profit has increased 92% reaching 1.73 billion euros.

Warren Buffett makes some $1.6bn on Apple shares

MPs review number of bills

Nokia announces new 3310

Google launches Assistant for Android

Emergency Ministry rebuts foot-and-mouth disease rumours

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