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UN convenes first-ever World Humanitarian Summit

24.03.2016 10:31:57 • "UzReport"
Today, the need for humanitarian aid is the largest since the Second world war. Worldwide more than 125 million people whose lives have been destroyed by conflict and natural disasters, are in need of urgent assistance and protection.

NASA launches super pressure balloon   26.04.2017 15:55:13 • "UzReport"
A stadium-sized super pressure balloon launched by NASA in New Zealand began collecting data in near space on Tuesday, beginning a 100-day planned journey after several launch attempts were thwarted by a series of storms and cyclones.
Flood leaves roads underwater in South Carolina   26.04.2017 15:51:09 • "UzReport"
Flooding in South Carolina left parkings and roads under water. Traffic on some sections of roadway completely suspended.
China creates 3.3mn jobs in first quarter   26.04.2017 15:46:52 • "UzReport"
According to the Ministry of human resources and social security of China, in the first quarter of this year, the country created 3 million 340 thousand new workplaces. In general, the situation for employment is estimated as stable.
Vietnam and Cambodia to build highway linking two states   26.04.2017 15:29:59 • "UzReport"
Heads of Vietnam and Cambodia came to an agreement on the construction of a highway linking the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh with the Vietnamese town Ho Chi Minh.
Angela Merkel and Beata Szydlo visit Hannover fair   25.04.2017 12:25:20 • "UzReport"
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister of Poland Beata Szydlo visited the Hannover fair, which opened on April 24.
The China-Europe freight train, which departed from London, arrived at Alataw Pass Port in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on Monday.
Yesterday we reported on the successful launch of the first cargo spacecraft of China, Tianzhou-1, which has a capacity of 6 tons. According to scientists, they are working on a spacecraft of the next generation with much greater capacity.
6.9 magnitude earthquake hits Chile   25.04.2017 12:07:56 • "UzReport"
A strong 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck the western coasts of Chile. Tremors were felt in the capital Santiago. According to local residents, a few old, unstable buildings suffered. The epicenter was located 137 km from the capital city, or at 38.8 km West of Valparaiso.
Mixed reality simulates teeth operation   25.04.2017 12:03:43 • "UzReport"
Japanese dental equipment manufacturer J. Morita Co presented the prototype of a mixed reality that allows to simulate the operation on teeth. According to the company, this innovative technology has no analogues. It combines virtual and augmented reality technologies.
First round of presidential elections ends in France   24.04.2017 17:17:35 • "UzReport"
France saw the end of the first round of the presidential elections. A total of 11 candidates had been fighting for the highest office. Following the counting results, the founder of the movement "Forward" Emmanuel Macron and the head of the party "National front" Marine Le Pen advanced further.

Foreign Ministers of Uzbekistan and Turkey sign Cooperation Program

Uzbekinvest awards best employees of 2016

Foreign ministry receives US Central Command Chief

Internet tariffs for providers cut by 25.8% since December

Vietnam and Cambodia to build highway linking two states

China creates 3.3mn jobs in first quarter

Kuwaiti delegation to arrive in Uzbekistan

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