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Uzbekistan exports $11.1b in products in 2016

06.05.2017 18:24:03 • "UzReport"
The Banking and Finance Academy of Uzbekistan held a conference to discuss the country's exports and its prospects.

The regular meeting of the International Press Club World passed under the title "Recognition of Uzbek textiles" on May 24. The adviser of the chairman of the board of "Uzbekengilsanoat" JSC Rasul Sadykov, the chairman of the Association of Designers of Uzbekistan "Osiyo Ramzi" Khalida Kamilova and the director of "Istiklol Textile Design" Baktiyor Umarov were the speakers. Representatives of Uzbekengilsanoat JSC, "Uzbek Ipagi" Association, textile companies, experts, members of the IPC Public Council, domestic and international media accredited in Uzbekistan also took part in the meeting.
The Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 24 approved measures to create additional favorable conditions for further development of home-based work.
New payment system GlobUzCard set to launch in Uzbekistan   23.05.2017 16:15:05 • "UzReport"
A new universal interbank retail payment system GlobUzCard is set to be launched in Uzbekistan. A regulation on activities of the new payment system was approved by the resolution of the Board of the Central Bank.
Uzbekistan forms JSC Uzgidroenergo   22.05.2017 15:54:58 • "UzReport"
For the formation of a unified system for the management of water and energy resources, consistent attraction of foreign investments into hydropower development, ensuring on this basis the most complete satisfaction of needs of the enterprises and the population in electric energy, the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan envisages the formation of joint-stock company Uzgidroenergo, which is set to unite all hydropower plants of the Republic, which formerly had been part of the JSC "Uzbekenergo".
President Shavkat Mirziyoev during his trip to the city of Yangier asked about the measures taken for effective use of previously privatised, but currently idle units and objects.
President reviews projects implemented in SIZ "Yangier"   18.05.2017 16:03:57 • "UzReport"
President Shavkat Mirziyoev during his visit to Sirdarya region and reviewed projects located in the small industrial area "Yangier".
President: it is necessary to develop greenhouse industry   18.05.2017 15:43:12 • "UzReport"
President Mirziyoev during his Sirdarya trip also visited a greenhouse for growing agricultural products, organized by private enterprise "Hoji Gadoyboy ota" in Havast district.
Ministry of economy holds meeting with Korean delegation   17.05.2017 19:25:19 • "UzReport"
On 17 May, the Ministry of economy held a meeting with the Korean delegation led by senior Advisor of Knowledge Sharing Program, Mr. Yong-Kon Chin.
Uzbekistan will built a new company in the field of hydropower. This was announced by the President Shavkat Mirziyoev during his visit to Sardoba reservoir.
Shavkat Mirziyoev reviews agricultural projects   17.05.2017 17:54:58 • "UzReport"
Agriculture in the region is consistently developed, the ranks of diversified farms is extending, livestock, poultry and sectors are yielding good results. These projects contribute to the growth of welfare of the population and provide them with quality food products.

Poems by Zakhiriddin Muhammad Bobur translated into Polish

Investment of Beeline Uzbekistan into the network expansion in the I quarter reached $21 mln.

"Uzbekistan Railways" JSC transported over 50 million tons of freight in 9 months

At MFA of Uzbekistan was held a meeting with the Head of the EU Delegation

Head of MFA of Uzbekistan held number of meetings in Bishkek

Uzbekistan utilizes 28.5 trillion soums of investments in 9 months

Deputies approve amendments and addenda to Law "On accounting"

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