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Mobile communication operators increase the number of base stations in order to ensure the full coverage. Along with business objects and administrative buildings they're installed at residential houses as well. In most cases, it becomes a cause for complaints from individual citizens, who consider base stations dangerous to health and life. Are they harmful? Is it possible to put them on the roofs of houses? What kind of radiation comes from these units, and what impact do they have on humans? These and other questions were discussed at a broadcast "Round table "Mobile communications: technology, quality, safety", which took place on 15 February in Tashkent.

LeEco cuts workforce in U.S.   25.05.2017 18:06:26 • "UzReport"
Chinese tech company LeEco, well-known in the world for its smartphone Le Max is scaling back its presence in the United States by cutting 70 percent of its U.S. workforce less than a year after it started peddling its TVs and smartphones in the U.S. market.
Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khorazmi plans to implement its own system of monitoring and control of access of applicants, based on the biometric and passport data.
The Ministry for development of information technologies and communications held a meeting with delegation of the Ministry of communication of Turkmenistan headed by Deputy Minister Ashir Qarayev.
Tashkent region is a region that has great economic potential and great opportunities. Not long ago, the city of Toytepa became its administrative center.
Google Assistant becomes available for iPhone   18.05.2017 16:33:33 • "UzReport"
Google plans to expand the list of devices that support its Assistant. Apple's iPhones are set to be among those devices. According to statistics, the number of iPhone users worldwide is less than users of android smartphones. However, owners of iPhones are usually willing to spend more on technology.
World Telecommunication and Information Society Day is celebrated on May 17.
Uzbektelecom and Google agree on cooperation   17.05.2017 19:04:23 • "UzReport"
A working meeting of representatives of Google Global Cache (GGC) with the management and specialists of "Uzbektelecom" JSC passed at the head office of "Uzbektelecom" JSC on May 16.
Elon Musk starts digging tunnels   16.05.2017 15:42:25 • "UzReport"
Earlier this month we told you about the plans of billionaire Elon Musk, to create an innovative tunnel system capable of solving the road traffic problems. And now, yesterday, Musk through his instagram page posted a short video and wrote that the process has begun.
Aziz Mukhitdinov appointed First Deputy head of UZINFOCOM   15.05.2017 18:44:59 • "UzReport"
On May 15, Deputy Minister for development of information technologies and communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan Ibrohim Juraev presented Aziz Mukhitdinov, appointed first Deputy Director of UZINFOCOM Center.
Cellular operators to enjoy same volume of radio frequency   15.05.2017 18:05:37 • "UzReport"
Frequency ranges 900/1800 MHz in Uzbekistan services mobile operators LLC "Unitel" (Beeline), LLC "COSCOM" (Ucell), national operator "UzMobile" Uzbektelecom and LLC "Universal Mobile Systems" (UMS). Frequency at these bands are fully distributed between the operators and there no any free frequency bands.

Tashkent establishes small industrial zones

GM Uzbekistan to sell cars for national currency

President sends condolences in connection with the terrorist attack in Egypt

Tashkent to host Uzbek-Czech ministerial political consultations

Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan discuss demarcation of state border

Support your favorite team in Champions League final and win iPhone 7

Uzbekistan to attend session of ministers of culture of SCO member states

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